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Le Jazz Non Plus (CD Bruce's Fingers, 2015) https://brucesfingers.bandcamp.com/album/le-jazz-non-plus

Panorama SO2 (CD Luscinia, 2015) http://luscinia.ruidemos.org/panoramaso2.htm

Autohypnosis Project, collective (CD Mute Sound, 2014)

Electric Landscapes Of Rebellion : Black Sea & Boat Passing By (CD EphreImprint, 2014)

Overflow & Slashes (digital release, Radical Matters, 2013)

AMC313 : El Grito Es un Movimiento Inacabado (book-CD, Ya lo dijo Casimiro Parker, 2013)

Live In Madrid (CD, Uzusounds, 2013)

Untitled improvisation (digital release, Another Timbre, 2012)

Electric Landscapes Of Rebellion : Electric Landscapes With Pigs & Piano (digital release, Petcord, 2011)

collective CD AMEE vol02 (2011) Del Astro Al Mar

collective CD AMEE vol01 (2010) : La Contamination

Extending korg M1, in Handmade Electronic Music : The Art Of Hardware Hacking fy Nicolas Collin (book-DVD, Routeledge, 2009)

collective CD AMEE 20  (2009) : Cristales

collective CD AMEE. Música Concreta 60 Aniversario (2008) : Trains